Found in essential oils, they are a large and diverse group of active organic compounds, produced by most plants. Terpenes are what make essential oils unique in the world of natural substances and play a key role in their healing power. Because they fit the requirements to pass through the Blood-Brain Barrier (a barrier designed to effectively protect the brain from most pathogens and toxins) they are able to deliver their healing properties to every cell in the body.  

​Although the benefits of essential oils have been known for decades it is only recently that terpenes are beginning to get some attention in the world of natural medicine. There are several types of terpenes


Napreva, Terpenes, caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, linalool, pinene

which offer different health benefits. According to the Reference

Guide for Essential Oils, they have the ability to inhibit the accumulation of toxins, delete faulty information from cell memory and restore the correct information in the DNA of the cell.

Black Rock Nutraceuticals has hand selected several of these naturally derived plant terpenes specifically for their ability to help reduce inflammation and ease pain. When combined together in a balanced formula a synergistic effect enhances the overall benefits of a single terpene.


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