Is Nápreva safe to use at any time of day?

Yes. Nápreva is 100% natural, developed for synergistic effect from a variety of botanical sources. It’s completely safe to use any time of day. Follow the Suggested Use description found on our product packaging for the best results. Always consult with your doctor before starting any new food supplement or diet program. 


Can Nápreva help with depression and insomnia?

Yes. Many of the botanical sources utilized as part of our Phytochemical Specific Formulas have been studied for their benefits toward depression. The calming effects of Cannabinoids, especially when blended synergistically with Terpenes can help aid with insomnia.


Can Nápreva help relieve my arthritic pain?

Yes. There’s a great chance that Nápreva can help! The synergistic formula behind our Terpene-based product line is specifically developed to address inflammation, a common issue with most forms of arthritis.


Can Nápreva help reduce my pain for nerve-based issues?

No. Pain issues that are nerve-based are not because of inflammation and other issues involving soft tissue.


What type of carrier oil is used to deliver the phytonutrients in Nápreva?

Nápreva is Terpene based. We use a dynamic blend of these powerful ingredients to make the foundation for our products. As Terpenes are an important part of essential oils, they are themselves oils. Terpenes make us the entirety of our carrier for this sublingual spray.


What other ingredients make up the phytonutrients in Nápreva?

The ingredients used to formulate Nápreva are all natural, botanical based phytochemicals. Black Rock Nutraceuticals used patented processes to extract, isolate and formulate. The blending of phytonutrients, as well as the amounts of each natural source used, are a significant part of our patent-based intellectual property.


Nápreva is Terpenes based. What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are powerful organic compounds produced by many botanicals, and are a big part of the aroma and defense mechanisms for plants.


Why are Terpenes so important to my health and wellness?

Terpenes are known as a significant, and many experts say primary, factor in essential oils. Because of this, Terpenes are considered a vital contributor to our health. Specific Terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and linalool are said to specifically benefit the human immune system. Terpenes have been called a “bridge between the nervous and immune systems”.


How many Hemp-based Cannabinoids are in each dose (4 sprays) of Nápreva?

The volume and mix of each specific Cannabinoid is not specifically tracked or addressed in Hemp plants. Black Rock Nutraceuticals formulates Nápreva or perfect synergy. That means the relatively small amount of Cannabinoids blend to enhance and maximize the relieving effects of the Terpenes.


Will Nápreva have any psycho-active affect on me?

No. None at all. The Cannabinoids derived from Hemp contain no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) because the plants are grown specifically to never flower. With traditional strains of Cannabis, the action of “flowering” happens very late in the growing cycle. That is when THC is produced within each plant.


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